Birth Stork and Birthday Sign Rentals -Celebrate BIG!



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Storks and Birthday lawn signs can be rented by calling 408 773.6242

Q: What’s the difference between renting a “Birth Stork” lawn sign vs. renting a “Shower Stork”?

A: Birth Storks yard signs can be rented for 5, 7 or 10 days. This gives family and friends time to take pictures.

Birth Stork Rentals include a handpainted personalized commemorative keepsake plaque displaying the Baby’s Name (first & middle), Weight, and Date of Birth. (We often hear that the keepsake info helps cut down on interruptions by well-meaning neighbors so Mom and baby can rest when they are first home from hospital.)
At the end of the rental period, the beautiful handpainted keepsake plaque -tied with a large bow- becomes your “leave behind” gift for the new parents to commemorate the special day. Rental charge includes stork and keepsake delivery and stork removal.

Shower Stork lawn sign rentals are a one day rental only.
The Shower Stork and sign are delivered, installed and picked up on the same day.
Our Stork displays a sign indicating “It’s a Baby Shower” showing guests that they’ve found the right location of the party. “Storkie” doubles as a great decoration and background for pictures to commemorate the special occasion.
Shower stork rentals entitle the renter to a apecial price on the Birth Stork Rental for the same event. Ask us for more information when you rent.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Cash.

Q: When do I pay for a lawn sign rental?

A: Payment is due prior to delivery.

Q: Can we reserve a stork lawn sign without knowing the exact due date?

A: Yes.
You can reserve your Stork Delivery in advance to guarantee one is available for the special day.  When the baby is born you can call us with the vital statistics (name, weight, length and date of birth).

We’re fast and can accommodate surprise events!
To reserve your stork today, please call 408.773.6242.

Q: Where can a San Jose Stork Stopped Here Stork lawn sign Delivery be made?

We deliver, set up, and remove your stork rental sign to San Jose as well as all of South Bay and the SF Peninsula.

Q: Does someone need to be home for a Stork Stopped Here stork lawn sign delivery?

A: No, there does not need to be someone at the delivery address for our stork to land with the birth announcement. If you have special instructions on where to place the yard sign please notify us when you make the reservation. After a successful installation we will email or text a picture to the person who orders the gift.

Q: How is the 7 foot Stork Stopped Here lawn sign installed?

A: We will install your lawn stork into the lawn with a metal lawn stakes. Our stork handlers are careful to leave the yard in good condition upon the stork’s departure.  If you need “storkie” placed on a patio, please let us know and we will install it using a special stork stand.

Q: Can you make a Stork Delivery and install in a Condo?

A: If you live in a condo, please check for permission to install on common ground.  If CC&R’s don’t allow it, Stork Stopped Here can install storks with a non-invasive umbrella stand for patio or interior installations.  Or you can order just the keepsake plaque to be hung on a door.

Q: Can I move the stork sign?

A: Please DO NOT move the 7 foot stork sign. Call us and we will be happy to reposition ‘storkie’ for you.
If you have special instructions for the yard sign placement, please notify us at the time you place your order.
If you live in a condo, please check for permission to install.  Stork Stopped Here can also install storks with a non-invasive umbrella stand for patio or interior installations.

Q: Do you deliver in bad weather?

A: Our storks are so hearty that they are able to withstand inclement weather (but in Silicon Valley California, WEATHER is not USUALLY a problem!) In the unlikely case that Storkie “cannot” land, we will notify the customer and arrange an alternative flight plan.