7 Foot Stork Lawn Sign Rentals

Birth Stork and Birthday Sign Rentals -Celebrate BIG!

7 Foot Stork Lawn Sign Rentals

November 1, 2009 Baby Yard Sign Rental Lawn Stork Baby Announcements 0

Stork Stopped Here Stork signs have come to San Jose and surrounding areas. One of the best ways to share your feelings on the birth of a new baby is by renting a Stork signs which we will install.

If you have a friend, relative, neighbor who is having a baby (and live in and around San Jose, CA), Stork signs are a great way to welcome parents and new baby home from the hospital.

The 7 foot tall stork holds a hand painted bundle plaque with baby’s name, date of birth, weight and length. The beautiful bundle sign is theirs to keep to display in baby’s room. Our storks are clean critters and don’t leave any mess behind! We make sure of that because we pick them up at the end of the rental period.¬† So all you have to do is call us.
Call us to rent or reserve one. 408 773 6242